Hypercog kicks off in style

November 27, 2019

The ambitious HyperCOG project has started its four-year programme of work following its official kick-off meeting in Spain. Representatives from the 14 project partner organisations gathered at the HQ of coordinating partner Lortec in Ordizia, just south of Bilbao in the Biscay region, where plans were made for the first phase of work to be carried out.

The HyperCOG project will be developing IOT technologies that demonstrate the potential of cyber-physical systems and data analytics to transform the process industry. The partners, who come from eight European countries have been funded with €7.6million from the EU’s Horizon 2020 funding programme to carry out this work under the Industrial Sustainability call and the project is part of the Spire Innovation Actions.

HyperCOG has set itself five main technical challenges:

  • • To develop a platform that converts manufacturing industries into more flexible environments
  • • To implement advanced data analytics for extracting knowledge from production databases
  • • To develop a decision support system to make the best possible decision in a specific situation.
  • • To leverage cybersecurity concerns about cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things devices as a business enabler.
  • • To develop strategies for training and re-skilling human resources.

Industrial modernisation is essential for economic dynamism and the creation of growth and jobs in the EU. Digitalisation will play an essential role in modernising Europe’s production capabilities, allowing companies to be well positioned in the race for global competitiveness and sustainability. 

The HyperCOG project aims to show that cyber-physical systems and data analytics can be used to drive transformation within the European process industry, improving efficiency and competitiveness by harnessing the power of data.  It will be testing its solutions at pilot sites in Spain, France and Turkey, working specifically in the chemical, cement and steel processing industries.

Visit www.hypercog.eu for more information.

Contact William Davis, dissemination and communication WP leader, at wdavis@insightm.co.uk to arrange interviews with project partners or to visit the pilot sites.

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