HyperCOG interview – WP2

July 10, 2020

It is essential for Europe’s industrial sector to continue modernising to ensure it remains globally competitive and continues to create jobs in a growing economy. Digitisation will play an increasingly important part in this modernisation, allowing companies to produce things faster, greener and more sustainably, and often cheaper.

The HyperCOG project is attempting to introduce advanced digitisation into the process industry by developing a cyber-physical platform that uses advanced data analytics to support automated decision making that is designed to improve efficiency on the factory floor, through the use of big data in real time.

This is known as cognitive manufacturing, where machines are fully connected through wireless networks, monitored by sensors, and controlled by advanced computational intelligence that fine-tunes product quality, optimises performance and sustainability, and reduces costs. Such cognitive features have not yet been realised in process industry, but HyperCOG aims to change all that.

The system architecture needed for such a cyber-physical system combines cognitive computing techniques (such as artificial intelligence), the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced data analytics to optimise manufacturing processes in ways that were not previously possible.

Key to this development will be the development of the cyber-physical factory, which involves the design and development of a complex network based on a node-based architecture with industrial, IoT and communications protocols allowing for the streaming of big data. This work also involves ensuring the new system is cyber secure and that data is able to flow between the nodes allowing for continuous monitoring.

The development has continued during the Covid-19 lockdown, with project partners working remotely, so we thought we’d speak to those responsible in a series of interviews conducted online by dissemination partner William Davis.

Here, we talk to Manuel Masenlle of project partner Lortek, who is leading this early work and after six months the he is now overseeing the design of the node-based architecture, which underpins the whole system.

Watch here to find out more.

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