Interview with the HyperCOG coordinator

September 07, 2020

The Hypercog project is working to introduce advanced digitisation into Europe’s process industry and make sure it remains globally competitive and continues to create jobs in what is a growing sector of the economy. Digitisation is playing an increasingly important part in all aspects of Europe’s manufacturing and process industries, with factories and plants able to produce things faster and more sustainably by bringing computer power on to the factory floor.

Hypercog’s approach is to develop a complex cyber-physical platform that uses advanced data analytics to support automated decision making that is designed to improve efficiency in the factory, through the use of big data in real time.

This is known as cognitive manufacturing, where machines are fully connected through wireless networks, monitored by sensors, and controlled by advanced computational intelligence that fine-tunes product quality, optimises performance and sustainability, and reduces costs. Such cognitive features have not yet been realised in process industry, but HyperCOG aims to change all that.

Francisco Javier Huertos Izquierdo of Lortek is coordinating these efforts, bringing together the talents of 14 European partners through funding provided by the European Union.

In a fascinating interview with Hypercog’s communications manager William Davis of Insight Media, conducted via Teams during the Covid-19 lockdown, Francisco explains Hypercog in detail, from its ambitious aims and ambitions and methodical approach through to its expected outcomes and the impact these will have on Europe’s economic prosperity.

Watch the video to find out more.

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