HyperCOG paper presented at International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering

January 06, 2022

A paper providing an overview of HyperCOG’s cyber-physical system was presented at the 2021 IEEE 17th International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE) in August last year. Titled A Novel Architecture for Cyber-Physical Production Systems in Industry 4.0 and written by Francisco Javier Huertos, Beatriz Chicote, Manuel Masenlle and Mikel Ayuso of the project’s coordinating partner LORTEK, the paper is now available to read online.

Presenting the paper at the conference provided partners with the opportunity to outline HyperCOG’s main aim, which is to transform process industries through their digitisation based on advanced industrial cyber-physical infrastructures – connecting physical machinery used in industrial processes to digital monitoring and control systems.

For HyperCOG, this development is based on the creation of advanced technologies that enable a hyperconnected network of digital nodes to connect with and improve the classic automation hierarchy of communication layers used in existing industrial processes. The nodes will collect data streams in real-time, offering cognitive sensing and information along with high-performance computing capabilities throughout the process. The paper provides a valuable overview of this development as the project enters its validation phase.

The HyperCOG system is currently being validated in three process industries: steel, cement and chemical. In each case, the use of energy and raw materials is being optimised by this digital intervention, as well as other benefits such as minimising errors and the speeding up of processes, all allowing for improved commercial efficiency.

You can read and download the paper here


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