Watch the “Digital technologies in cognitive production plants” webinar now

January 25, 2022

The latest webinar from HyperCOG, “Digital technologies in cognitive production plants", is now available to watch.

The SPIRE 2030 call “Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants” asked for projects to develop new technologies for the development of cognitive production plants with improved efficiency and sustainability. This will be achieved using smart and networked sensor technologies, intelligent handling and online evaluation of various forms of data streams, as well as new methods for self-organising processes and process chains.

Alongside HyperCOG, five other projects – COGNIPLANT, Capri, COGNITWIN, Inevitable and FactLog – got together on January 24th 2022 for a webinar which explored the innovative approaches to cognitive production plants being adopted.

With each project approaching the validation phase of this work, the six presentations focused on the cyber-physical systems being tested in different process industries. HyperCOG outlined its approach to implementing its systems at the steelmaking company SIDENOR in Spain, while Inevitable showcased its work in steelmaking. Other industrial use cases discussed included lime manufacturing (COGNIPLANT), asphalt processing (CAPRI) and a pilot study at a refinery (FactLog). Meanwhile, COGNITWIN presented the implementation of cognitive digital twins at one of its use cases.

Following the presentations, the webinar then hosted an interactive roundtable session, during which the audience were able to ask the different projects questions about their approaches and how they can be applied in different industries.

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