Highlighting HyperCOG results and setting the agenda to come

May 25, 2023

Watch a fascinating presentation of HyperCOG results delivered at a P4P meeting in Brussels by project coordinator Beartiz Chicote

HyperCOG coordinator Beatriz Chicote of Lortek, joined the coordinators of six other cognitive plant projects for a highly focused event in Brussels in February this year.

The event was organised by Processes 4 Planet, the successor organisation to SPIRE, which is focused on the development of innovative technologies to transform European process industries. The event brought together the six projects looking to develop cognitive plant technologies in various ways and are working together in an ongoing cluster activity to promote this work to relevant industries.

The six projects involved, HyperCOG, Cognitwin, Cogniplant, Inevitable, Capri and Factlog, have done several webinars and virtual workshops together and as they all now reach the final stages of their lifespan, this was the perfect opportunity to hear in one place the collective results they have achieved.

As well as providing an understanding of the advances in cyber technology for industry these projects have made over the past four years, the P4P event also provided the opportunity for those involved to input into the future direction of the funding programme and provide valuable insight into areas of development that will prove invaluable to Europe’s industrial future.

The following video captures the presentation made by Beatriz at the event, highlighting the results HyperCOG has achieved, including:

·      The development of a digital platform that converts manufacturing industries into more flexible environments

·      The implementation of advanced data analytics for extracting knowledge from production databases

·      The development of a decision support system to make the best possible decision in a specific situation.

·      Ensuring that cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things devices used in industry are cyber secure.

·      The development of strategies for training and re-skilling human resources.

The overall aim of the project in developing these results has been to demonstrate that cyber-physical systems and data analytics can be used to drive transformation within the European process industry, improving efficiency and competitiveness by harnessing the power of data.

·      Look out for the presentations of HyperCOG’s sister projects from this cluster meetings coming soon.

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