HyperCOG partner meeting in La Rochelle

May 17, 2023

HyperCOG partners gathered at the impressive Solvay chemical plant in La Rochelle last month for their penultimate project meeting, and the focus was very much on planning the activities that will see the results delivered before the project ends in August.

As well as these plans for the final months, partners were also able to assess the progress to date of all project developments and closely analyse areas that needed attention in order to get them over the line.

While there have been some delays in the implementation of HyperCOG results at the demo sites, due mainly to historic issues caused by the COVID lockdowns that so dominated the early years of the project, partners are now confident that all the key results will be validated by the end date.

As part of the strategy agreed for the final months, all those involved in the implementation of HyperCOG results at the demo sites are working closely together with regular meetings planned throughout May and July.

Meanwhile, progress on the life cycle assessment work, the development of the cyber security aspects of HyperCOG and the learning resources are all completed or near to completion, indicating positive potential for the application of HyperCOG solutions in the market.

Part of this potential is being realised through the development of business plans for the key exploitable results that have been identified as having market potential, as well as action plans for those that require further development time. Again, partners have now committed to working hard together over the final months to have these plans in place by the middle of July.

Project coordinator Beatriz Chicote was upbeat about the progress the project is making as it nears its final days, but she reminded all that the final push is often the hardest and urged all partners to continue working closely together during this final phase.

“I thank all partners for the commitment each is showing for this project and its consequent positive evaluation by the reviewer,” she said to the group as it dispersed from La Rochelle. “I ask you to continue to make the ultimate effort for the common good,” she concluded.

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