Cognitive sensing plant

Work package 4 – Cognitive sensing plant

This work package comprises several tasks which are designed to tackle three main objectives. Firstly, it will work closely with the use cases by developing and adapting use case specific sensing technologies. These new sensors will be developed using IoT devices, cheap sensors and data analytics tools, and complement the existing process monitoring systems. Secondly, it will carry out a lab-scale trial to see how the new sensors interact with the HyperCOG architecture via the data collection protocols defined in WP4 and the analytics tools developed in WP3. Thirdly, a context-based visualisation system and software interface will be developed, which serve as a monitoring tool, and will be exploited by all the end users in WP5. In general terms, WP4 is a “bridge” that connects the work from WPs 2,3 and 5.

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