Cyber-physical factory

Work package 2 – Cyber-physical factory

This work package deals with the design and development of an industrial cyber-physical system that fulfils the requirements described in WP1. It covers the design and development of the network, the communication between the nodes and aspects to be considered from a cybersecurity point of view. The objectives can be divided into:

    •  Design of a robust industrial cyber-physical system based on the requirements of WP1.
      •  Implementation of a node based architecture
        •  Evaluation of different industrial and Internet of Things protocols. Selection of communication protocols
          •  Implementation of big-data streaming architecture for the industrial cyber-physical system
    •  Implementation of an intrusion detection system (cybersecurity)
      •  Industrial cyber-physical system network monitoring (data flow between nodes)
        •  Transferability assessment of the models (WP3) and sensors (WP4) regarding the target cyber-physical system

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