Dissemination and exploitation

Work package 8 – Dissemination and exploitation

The main goal is to maximize the impact of the project through dissemination and communication activities (D&C), as well as to maximize the exploitation of results. The objectives of the D&C activity will be:

    •  To disseminate the project’s results amongst key target audiences, who will include the process industry and the scientific community working within the process industry sector. This promotional activity will also focus the new technology and its economic, environmental and social benefits when applied in the steel, cement and chemical industries
      •  To explain the technology and to demonstrate its feasibility, reliability, benefits and cost advantages
          •  To transfer the knowledge and properly exploit results and the foreground into the market
            •  To activate industry and end users and convince them to adopt the new processes and practices being developed and use the systems in their processes
              •  To enhance the exploitation of the results by including standardisation models in dissemination and communication activity
            •  As well as communicating project activities and disseminating project results amongst interested parties, the aim of WP8 is to enhance coordination and synergies between the HyperCOG project and other EU-funded projects or national programs in order to reach the maximum joint impact. This activity will be enhanced by the project’s involvement inSPIRE (see T8.3).The aim is also to involve all partners in these activities, both as a way of providing the widest possible view of project activities but also to enhance each partner’s exploitation potential. By using effective, accessible and attractive communications and targeted dissemination, WP8 will lead all partners to maximise their exploitation success by:
            • Increasing awareness
            • Explaining the technology and demonstrating its feasibility, reliability and advantages
            • Initiating European-wide replication
            • Transferring the knowledge and properly exploiting results
            • Activating users and convincing them to change their processes
            • Influencing policy makers
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