Life cycle assessment

Work package 7 – Life cycle assessment

The objective of this work package is to provide a comprehensive and quantitative sustainability assessment of the cyber-physical system designed by HyperCOG. Sustainability is here understood to encompass environmental, economic and social aspects and is assessed using life cycle assessment (LCA) methods. LCA accounts for the impact from the cradle to the grave of products and services, reducing the risk of shifting the burden elsewhere. The assessment will focus on the three practical use cases (steel, chemical and cement sectors) and will consist of the following:

    •  An environmental LCA
      •  A life cycle costing (LCC)
          •  A social LCA
          • The assessment will address the above topics, with the following goals:
              •  To determine whether or not the implementation of the CPS in the three use cases leads to a net environmental benefit, when compared to a business-as-usual scenario.
                •  To identify the activities in the life cycle of the CPS solution that substantially contribute to the environmental/economic/social impacts, in order to guide technology development towards minimizing these effects.
                •  To conduct LCA in a dynamic manner for it to be effectively integrated with CPS during industrial operations.
                •  To explore cleaner production activities and digital solutions to maximize environmental benefits.

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